How It Works

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    Decision Time

    Like any fitness program, the change starts with you making the
    decision to take the life changing step to get FIT.

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    FREE Consultation

    Every Personal Training program begins with a free consultation. At this time we gather your body fat %, muscle mass in lbs, body water %, weight, daily calorie consumption, metabolic age, and goals for the next 3 months. Once you're completely satified with your plan we schedule your training sessions.

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    Meal & Workout Planning

    No personal training program is complete without a meal and workout plan. We setup and adjust the type of food you will be eating. Finally we design a workout that will accomplish your goals and maximixe your time in our facility.

Success Stories

I've lost about 10lb
and 10% body fat...

Recipes For Success

Learn what to eat
and what not to.

State Of The Art Facility

Great results happen with
with a great facility.